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No changes in service for the 4th of July Holiday

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American Waste Disposal Inc. See why our service and your savings lift us above the rest


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American Waste Disposal Inc. is a private garbage collection and waste removal service that is committed to helping homeowners and businesses in Pinellas County with their waste disposal needs. We are a small business that is new to the area and are proud to offer reliable and efficient curbside pickup services.


Our team of experienced waste management professionals are dedicated to providing our clients with a clean and safe environment. We strive to provide our customers with the best customer service in the industry and always go the extra mile to ensure that your waste disposal needs are taken care of.

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  • What are your prices?!
    We want to help save YOU money! Our prices for service are as follows: $32 per month for 2x per week pick up service. A brand new 96 gallon trash cart will be provided to you with your service. $25 per month for 1x per week pick up service. A brand new 96 gallon trash cart will be provided to you with your service. $9 per month for optional 1x per week recycling pick up service. A brand new 64 gallon recycling cart will be provided to you with your service. $9 per month for any additional cans you may need to go alongside the original provided.
  • What time of the day do you pick up?
    We start our routes daily at 6am and continue pickups throughout the day. Make sure to place your can by the road the night before to avoid a missed pick up.
  • Where do I put my can?
    Your cans will be dropped off in the most ideal location for our team to collect on trash day. Your cans should be 3 feet from any mailbox and not under any trees or power lines. Your can lid opening should be pointed towards the street with the can wheels close to the curb or yard. If you have 2 cans or more please keep them at least 3 feet from one another.
  • Where do I get my can from?
    Our customers will be provided a 96 Gallon Trash Can and a 64 Gallon Recycle Bin on loan from us free of charge. All Cans/Bins MUST be returned to American Waste Disposal at the end of your service. If you intentionally damage or lose the Can/Bin there will be a replacement charge of $60.
  • What can I put in my trash can?
    Household trash that is bagged. Please avoid placing items that are not bagged as those items tend to get stuck in the cans and our drivers can’t always easily retrieve them. LOOSE items also can fall out of the can and end up in our neighborhood streets. Please do not place any wooden items in your trashcan. These items cannot be processed in our compactor and cause damage to our trucks. Please review our list of items that cannot be picked up in our FAQ section.
  • What items do I need to call In before my pickup day?
    • Bulky Items • Carpet (Large rolls, pieces that cannot fit in can) • Construction Materials • Furniture (Couches, mattresses, etc.) • Large Wood Items (Nails must be bent over or removed to prevent injuries to our staff)
  • What items can't be picked up?
    Hazardous Waste Batteries Chemical Products Electronics Tires Wet Paint
  • What do I do if my can is broken?
    Just give us a call and we will repair or replace the can for you.
  • What if I have extra trash?
    We will accept occasional extra bags or cans of trash placed directly next to your can. If you consistently have more trash then just give us a call to get a second can dropped to you. If you have a one-time large pickup please call us to see the best way to handle it.
  • Which Holidays are observed?
    We observe New Year’s Day Thanksgiving Christmas Day To ensure that everyone gets the service they pay for during a holiday week, we push all pickups following the actual Holiday back one day, allowing those whose pickup fell on the holiday to be picked up the following day. Examples: Monday -> Tuesday, Wednesday -> Thursday If you have additional questions regarding our holiday procedure, please call our office.





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