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Residential Trash Collection 

Our Residential Trash Collection Service is available to unincorporated areas of Pinellas County. We provide twice a week pick up and includes a 96 gallon garbage can for your convenience. We offer a flat rate with NO HIDDEN FEES or FUEL SURCHARGES.


$32.00 per month for 2x a week residential trash pickup (96 gallon cart provide)

+$9.00 per month for 1x a week recycling pickup (64 gallon cart provided)

+$9.00 per month for 1 additional trash cart (96 gallon)



$365.00 per year for 2x a week residential trash pickup

OR $465.00 per year for 2x a week trash pickup and 1x a week recycling pickup


For community pricing please contact our office

Residential Recycling

Our Residential Recycling service offers a 64 gallon bin for all your recycling needs. We provide weekly pick-up of all your recyclable materials, making it easier and more convenient for you to do your part in helping the environment.

Bulk Pickup
istockphoto-1302275817-612x612 copy.png

We offer bulk pickups only on your residential garbage pickup day.  Multiple large items will not be picked up unless you call our office in advance.  
Example: large multiple section couches, multiple dressers or bed sets.
1 single dresser: $10.00
1 box spring or mattress : $10.00
1 tv stand/table : $10.00
Chairs : $5.00 each

For any additional questions or concerns please call our office during normal business hours

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